Saturday, 31 July 2010

Thanks Mia!!!! NICE

I got the Idea of making these from Mia.
So I tried them out using some of my older post photos.
I love them, thanks Mia.

It looks like it, don't you think?

Remember the Granny square by Sarah London from my last post? Well I had ago at it on Wednesday evening and this is the result. It looks like it don't you think? Now I just have to remember how I did it. So as you can see I have been playing around with the design of my blog again, and learning a couple of things in the process. I like it like this so I'll keep it like this, for the time being anyway.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Some weekend inspiration

Here is some weekend inspiration for you.
From two of the most wonderful hooky people on the web.
I will make this a weekly thing I think, a post about things that have been an inspiration to me during the week
Lucy over at Attic 24 finished her Granny striped blanket this week.
So, so yummy don't you think!!!!!

I love, love , love these.
The top one is so simple really, but the colours are wonderful.
And the second photo, well that was love at first sight for me.
Both are by Sarah London.
Go visit her blog for more colourful Inspiration.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

My "Lucy Attic 24" Bag

I am busy trying to find things to make from all that cheap yarn I bought.
Well I am making my ripple blanket from it which is looking good.
And last Wednesday I decided to have a go at Lucy's Bag Pattern over at Attic 24.
And here it is.
It is a lot easier than I first thought.
Still have to make another three flowers that will be attached to the end of the handles.
And the handles themselves have not been sown on yet they are just pinned on.
I love this,I am so pleased with the way it's turned out.
I plan to use it for my crochet work just like Lucy herself does.
The tutorial is in my links list onder Lucy Bag Tutorial.

Still making my ripple blanket

Here are some photos of my ripple blanket so far.
To be honest I haven't been working on it every day because I started doing something else, but it is growing.
And I love it!!!

I won something, can you believe it!!! I couldn't

A couple of weeks ago I won the give away of two beautiful crochet necklaces made and designed by Anabel over at the , "And so I whisper""blog.
And yesterday they came, so here they are.
They are a lovely pale pink and cream.
I still can't believe I won them!!!!!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Since I started crocheting again in March this year I have been looking at and loving the ripple blankets that you can see online.
It all seemed like a lot of work to me, so I didn't expect to make one.
However, Saturday evening I found a tutorial online with easy how to pictures (see links list for ripple tutorial) so I had a go.
The bottom photo was my trying out and it's so easy.
The top photo will be my first real ripple blanket.
To be honest I like to work with the yarn I used for the try out best.
However, I bought a load of cheap yarn from a cheap shop so I want to use it all up before I think of buying new yarn.
I have a pattern for the ripple stripes which I generated over at the Random Stripe Generator
(see links list for the link to that).
It is really easy you just select all the colours you want to use and the amount of rows and you get a pattern.
So I am pleased that I will be using that yarn for something after all, for a while I thought I'd bought it for nothing because I didn't like the tryout hexagons I made with it.

Granny Wheel Square by Mia

I found and tryed a wonderful pattern that I got from Mia's blog.
(you can find Mia in my blog list her blog is called Min Inspiration)
I love this square and will make something from it, don't know what yet.
One square I did with a 3.00 hook and thinner yarn.
The bigger one with a 3.50 hook.
I have added a new links list to my blog today, the link to the pattern is there under, "Granny Wheel Square by Mia.

Monday, 12 July 2010

So that's the end of that

I have been following the World Cup and the tennis over the last few weeks.
And the weather has been very warm here too.
So I didn't post much.
And I haven't been doing much work on my hexagon blanket.

But the tennis ended last week and now the World Cup is finished too.
It's a pity that Holland didn't win after reaching the finale for the third time.
But Spain was european champion and has now taken on the world and is world champion.
So has they say, "All's well that ends well."

I have been trying stuff out though crocheting wise.
So I'll post about that tomorrow when I've taken some photos of what I've been doing.

Friday, 2 July 2010

17 Hex's Later

I got 17 hexagons joined yesterday.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Color Collective

For a while now I have been meaning to write a post about this wonderful blog called Color Collective.
What I love about this blog is the fact that all her post photos have a color palette under them.
I love her combination of colours.
She always uses five colours to make her palettes.
I have an idea to try out a few of these palettes for five round granny squares one of these days.
The link to the blog is on my blog list.


Well I haven't posted here in over a week.
For the first time since March when I started crocheting again, I hadn't pick up my hook in three days.
And when I did it was just to join the odd hexagon here and there.
But today I will be working so I will take it with me and I am planning to join like mad.
That's why I wanted to post these photos today so that the difference can be seen tomorrow.
What I love about this blanket is the colours and all the combos that there are.
I have been watching tennis and football of course.
It's a pity that England had to go home, but Holland still has a chance tomorrow.
So I'm looking forward to that, and the ladies tennis today.