Friday, 27 August 2010

Some Weekend Inspiration

My weekend inspiration post is a post that I post every Friday.
It is other peoples work that as inspired me throught the week, and I know it will inspire you too.
This weeks post is all about just one blog that I came acrossed last Friday evening quite by chance.
And I personally think that it is the most beautiful blog I've come acrossed in a while.
Simply because it is what I'd call, "Right up my street."
It is like having a big pile of magazines to look at.
And I spent last Friday evening going through the whole blog, and it was truely inspiring.
It's got everything, food, gardening, country living, cats, candles, wonderful handwork and in the winter months loads of snow.
There is patchwork, knitting and crocheting.
And this lady as the most beautiful home.
The blog is called Mia Landliv please go visit it is truely lovely.

Imagine sitting in this lovely chair crocheting.
And the blanket she is making is wonderful don't you think.
And then there is this wonderful ripple, I love the colours.
And get the bed!!!!

And then there is this wonderful blanket.
Which inspired me so much that I am going to make one.
Well, to be honest I've already started making one.
Because I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
Yes it is plain knitted squares and granny squares, and I love it.
But more about my one in a later post.
Have a great inspiring weekend!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Part 5)

At the end of the rainbow is.......
No, not a pot of gold.
But this.
The beginning of the end, or should I say the edging.
I first went all the way around the blanket with the peachy colour, one row of trebles (US DC).
Remember in an earlier post I was worried that I wouldn't have enough of this yarn. (the one in the photo)
Well, I found a whole ball which I didn't know I had in the bottom of my yarn basket.
So because I had more of this colour than any of the others I went around the blanket with it twice.

By the way the colours in this above photo look better and more like the real thing than the other photos I've taken.
Because I wanted to make this blanket using only yarn from my stash I had to use the colours I had enough of to finish it off.
I must say that there have been time when I was tempted to buy new yarn to finish it off, but I didn't. (I'm so proud of myself for that LOL)
So to finish it off I did a row of picot stitches in the light green.
I did try doing a deeper edging at first using all different colour together.
But I didn't like it and the edging started to curl up.
So I pulled it apart and just did the picot row to finish it off.

And here it is FINISHED!!!!!
I'm please witht the way it as turned out and with the fact that I was able to make it from yarn that I had and not have to buy new yarn.
Although sometimes I really was tempted to do so.
It's not a really big blanket but big enough to frow over yourself for some warmth when it's a bit chilly. I must say that I didn't do anything with this blanket on Tuesday at work. I was a bit fed up with it after having done so much work on it last Thursday and Friday and the weekend. I just needed a rest from it, and I must say it worked well because yesterday I really enjoyed finishing it off. And I have started on a new project by the way. And yes it is a new blanket. One that will also use up more of my stash, but not completely because I ordered a few balls of yarn for it that came yesterday. more about that in a later post.

Rainbow blanket is finished!!!!!!!!!

P.S I just looked back at my posts and I now realize that I started to make this blanket on 10th of August, WOW did it really only take me 15 days (because I finished it yesterday evening). And I really wasn't crocheting all day long just doing a couple of rows in between doing my house work and other things. there were even days in between that I did nothing on it.I'm amazed at how quick that went. I remember well when I use to crochet when my kids were small and the time it took me to finish projects, that is if they ever got finished, there were quite a few that didn't. I also remember older women whom I knew at the time and how quickly they finished things, and how I longed to be able to finish things so quickly. Well all you women out there with young kids running around who find it hard to find the time, I understand you all. But remember and mark my words your day will come.

I sound like my Mum or my Nan, boy I must be getting on LOL. I don't know if I will keep this blanket or if one of my kids or grandkids will claim it. But for now I will just enjoy it.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Part 4)

In my last post about my rainbow blanket last Thursday I'd finished Three of the Six Colour blocks (a colour block is one row each of the 23 colours yarn I am using for this blanket).
Well, I said I'd be able to do quite abit Thursday and Friday evening because I'd be at work.
It turned out that I didn't have to work afteral.
So I decided I'd just work on the blanket in between doing my household work.

And this is what it looked like Friday morning, four blocks finished.

And Saturday I'd finished five.

I took this photo this morning but these six blocks were finished on Sunday, the light wasn't good enough to take a photo Sunday evening.
Now I had first planned to do six blocks and an edging but it didn't look big enough.
So I decided to go for seven.

And this photo was taken early this evening all seven finished.
So now I am doing the edging.
I decided it was best to spend my time on the rainbow blanket and leave the ripple for a while until the rainbow one is finished.
I must say that the blanket looks better in real life, these photos seem to make the colours too coloury, they are much softer colours really.
But all with all I am really pleased with the way it as turned out.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Some Weekend Inspiration

My weekend inspiration post this week comes from photos I found on Flickr.
There is so much great stuff there.
These are a few of my fav's

Tiny Granny Squares.
And a lovely Ripple both can be found here.

I love this blanket that I found on Flickr. Here

Cute hexagons and cute circles don't you think. Both made by Leanda over at the "one loop short" blog and the pattern is there too for the hexagons. I love her use of colour.
I can't find the circles (which are the middle bits of squares I think) on her blog, but the photo came from her flickr photostream here.

I love these flowery Squares From the Moss Stitch blog.

There are a lot of Granny Stripe Blankets around on Flickr, due to the fact that people were grannying along with Lucy from Attic 24.
I love this one, the edging is great made by Oran.
Have a great inspiring weekend!!!!!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Part 3) & A Touch of Ripple

My Rainbow Blanket is coming along nicely, I already have three of the colour blocks finished.
(A colour block is one row each of each of the 23 colours I am using for this blanket.)
Later today I will be working so I'll get quite a few rows done today.

This photo was taken this morning. (in fact all the photos in this post were)

I also have another blanket that I am making.
My Ripple Blanket.
I decided it was time to work on that again too, because the Rainbow Blanket just kind of took over.
So most days I do a few rows of the ripple too.

And it is growing. I generated the stripe pattern for my ripple using The Random Stripe Generator, and I love the way the pattern is emerging.

I will also take this blanket with me to work today, and tomorrow and believe me they will both grow, because I will be hooking away. Both Blankets are made of 100% Acrylic yarn, but they both crochet up differently. The Ripple is soft and fluffy and the yarn is what I call a bit bitty, a lose yarn. The Rainbow yarn is a much tighter yarn that makes it seem warmer and thicker. So this makes all the difference because the Rainbow rows are done in no time and you don't even have to think much because they are just treble (US DC) stitches. And because I still have to count while doing the Ripple and the yarn is so bitty the rows take a bit longer to do. Plus the fact that the Ripple is wider because I will be doing a simple edging on that one. And on the Rainbow one I want to do a more deeper edging.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Flash Back

Just a few of my projects from the 100 posts.
These are both finished projects and works in progress.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

100th Post!!!!!!!!

It's a bit hard to believe, but this post is my 100th post.
When I started this blog in March of this year I didn't realize I'd reach the 100th in just over five months.
But there you go then.
I am so glad that I started this blog, and I am still learning new things about blogging almost everyday.
I love posting about my crochet projects.
At the moment I have got quite a few projects that have to be finished.
But I can honestly say I am enjoying all my projects.
I worked on both my ripple and my rainbow blanket today.

What I love about blogging is not just blogging myself, but also reading all the other wonderful blogs out there in bloggy land.
I have been amazed and inspired by the wonderful and beautiful projects that others have made. And I am learning alot from people who I don't even really know, although I feel like I do know them having read their blogs.
It is great to be able to share in this way.
And so I go on my way to the next 100.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post comments, I really love to hear from you.
More news and photos of my projects in my next post.

Thanks again


Chris XXXX

Monday, 16 August 2010

Tiny Heart Bunting

For a while now I have been thinking about making bunting for above our fireplace.
Well I made some hearts which were bigger than these in the photos, but I never got around to making bunting of them.
Then I found the pattern for these cute little hearts and just had to try them out.

And here they are hanging above the fireplace in all their glory.
They are so cute.
There are ten altogether in cream and beige and beige and cream.

I decided to try one out Saturday evening and I ended up making six.
Then yesterday evening I made the other four and attached them to the chain.
I got the pattern from Julia Crossland.
Julia's blog is well worth a visit, not just for her crochet patterns and tutorials, but also her art work.
Great Stuff!!!! and more inspiration.
Thanks Julia!!!
I plan to make more of these because I've got a few more places I could hang them.
I'll try out some more colourful ones when I've finished my Rainbow Blanket, because there will be yarn over from that.
And these little hearts are perfect for using up little scraps.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Part 2)

I promised an up-date of my rainbow blanket and here it is
I must say I am really enjoying make this blanket.
It is a project that you can just pick-up and put back down.
Meaning you don't have to think to much about what you are doing.
Once you get it right that is, because I had to start again when I first started because I forgot to do two stitches at the end of each row.
But once you get the hang of it it's very relaxing.

I took this photo Tuesday evening after I had finished my first block of colours.
I have used 23 colours all together.
I want to make 6 blocks for this blanket.
And I found The pattern again by the way.
I knew I'd seen it somewhere but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I just started making it.
That is why I made the mistake of not doing two stitches at the end of the row of course.
The pattern is here

I will have enough yarn to finish it.
The only colour that might not make the 6 stripes that I need of each colour is this tangerine one.
So I'm hoping it will be enough.

And this is what it looks like now.
I am nearly finished with the second block now, so one third is nearly done, and then I'll do an edging of course.

Some Weekend Inspiration

It's Friday again and time for my "Some weekend inspiration" post.
Great stuff that I found on the internet this week that is an inspiration to me.

First up is the wonderful little hexagon from "The Royal Sisters" blog.
It's called The Grandma Star Hexagon.
And there is a tutorial too, which is great.
I can't wait to have a go at these.

This is so simple (I simply love simple) Just treble crochets (DC US) it are the flowers that give it real taste I think.
It by Julia Crossland.

This is a wonderful blanket.
It's called "The Circle of friends Blanket" and it was blogged here.
Although I will have ago at making this square it looks a bit tricky for me at the moment.
But never say never right!!!!

Now aren't these just wonderful.
And once again there is a tutorial.
It's a Dutch blog but this lovely lady did the tutorial in both English and Dutch.

And good news, two weeks ago I posted a post in which there was a wonderful square that I fell in love with, over on Sarah London's blog.
And I even tryed to make it myself without a pattern.
Well she posted the link to the pattern.
It's called "The Sunburst Granny Square."
So you see there is loads of inspiration out there in internet land.
And loads of wonderful people who inspire me.
Have a great inspiring weekend!!!!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Now I know that I have projects to finish.
Like my new bag which I'm thinking about how to finish.
Meaning the leaves and flowers or just leaves or just flowers.
And my ripple blanket.

But all these projects are due to the fact that I have so much yarn to get through LOL.
(I love it all really, having so much yarn.)
Well I was totally inspired by the rainbow blanket made by Sue over at The Quince Tree.
I just couldn't wait to get started.

So yesterday afternoon I sat down and sorted out colours and started.
Isn't this photo just heavenly.

I'm learning a lot more about colour while doing this I must say.

And I figured the more colours I use the less likely it will be that I will have to buy yarn to finish it.
But after an afternoon of crocheting trebles (DC US) I found that I had less stitches than when I started.
Oh no!!! I thought.
And yes I had to start again, that is once I realized what I was doing wrong.
I'd forgotten the last stitch at the end of the rows.
So I had started with 130 stitches and then I counted (because it didn't seem straight somehow) and I now had just 121.
But I didn't give up.
No, this afternoon I sat down and started again.
In fact I was glad I started again because I have now added even more colours that I hadn't thought of adding yesterday.
And having seen how it crochets up I decided to do 120 stitches.
Because I will be adding an edging too.
And this is what it looks like now.
I love it!!!!!!
So I'll just go do some more and post a progress report tomorrow.

Yet Another Bag

Having finished my daughter Sarah's bag last Wednesday morning, I decided to make another one for myself.
Using these Autumny colours.
I made the smaller one again but this time I did just ten rounds for the bottom and 27 for the sides.
I also did a different edging, a simple picot edging.

This is what it looked like Sunday morning.
I just had the handles left to do.

Because the colours are so Autumny I decided to have a go at crocheting leaves.
And I came up with these ones.

This is what it looked like on Monday morning I've finished the handles.
However I'm still not sure if I want to attach flowers and leaves to the handles or just leaves.
So I have put it away for a couple of days while I decide what to do.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Some Weekend Inspiration

Last Friday I started a new weekly post that I will be posting every Friday from now on.
It is called Some Weekend Inspiration, and it are other peoples work that has inspired me throughtout the week.
This weeks post just happens to have a very flowery feel to it.
This just seemed to all come my way this week after making the flowers for my Lucy bags.
So here we go then with all the great things that have inspired me this week.
And it are quite a few.

Firstly we have Lucy's new granny square that she is calling her The Sweet Flower Granny Square. I can't wait for the pattern.

Then there is this wonderful Rainbow Blanket from The Quince Tree I love the little flowers in the corners.
It's simple trebles (US double) crochet.
But the edging and the little flowers make it really special I think.

These lovely flower where made by Suz.
Great colours don't you think.

And I really love these and want to try to make them soon.
Made by Tara and she has a great tutorial too.
I love this photo of all these Lucy Bag Flowers by Raining Sheep

So as you can see loads of inspiration for me this week.