Thursday, 19 August 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Part 3) & A Touch of Ripple

My Rainbow Blanket is coming along nicely, I already have three of the colour blocks finished.
(A colour block is one row each of each of the 23 colours I am using for this blanket.)
Later today I will be working so I'll get quite a few rows done today.

This photo was taken this morning. (in fact all the photos in this post were)

I also have another blanket that I am making.
My Ripple Blanket.
I decided it was time to work on that again too, because the Rainbow Blanket just kind of took over.
So most days I do a few rows of the ripple too.

And it is growing. I generated the stripe pattern for my ripple using The Random Stripe Generator, and I love the way the pattern is emerging.

I will also take this blanket with me to work today, and tomorrow and believe me they will both grow, because I will be hooking away. Both Blankets are made of 100% Acrylic yarn, but they both crochet up differently. The Ripple is soft and fluffy and the yarn is what I call a bit bitty, a lose yarn. The Rainbow yarn is a much tighter yarn that makes it seem warmer and thicker. So this makes all the difference because the Rainbow rows are done in no time and you don't even have to think much because they are just treble (US DC) stitches. And because I still have to count while doing the Ripple and the yarn is so bitty the rows take a bit longer to do. Plus the fact that the Ripple is wider because I will be doing a simple edging on that one. And on the Rainbow one I want to do a more deeper edging.

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  1. But now you don't have too work, did you still get loads done?? It is looking lovely so far. xx