Wednesday, 23 June 2010

O.K so they got their act together!!!!

I wasn't sure what was going on with the England team, and I even wondered if they would make it through.
But they got their act together today and won 1-0 I'm pleased to say, and now they will be playing Germany on Sunday, I can't wait!!!!!
I love this photo which I got from the BBC, because it is the moment just before it went in.

From Square to Round

My blanket hasn't grown at all because I have been busy undoing the squares from the granny blanket and making them into rounds ready to be joined.
But once I get this lot joined it will be quite a size.
Summer 2010

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hexagon TRUE Love

I was going square, that is I was making a granny square blanket.
However, I just didn't like it, even if I was quite far with it. (see photos in earlier posts)
So I am taking it apart and making a new hexagon blanket.
After all it is a hobby and hobbies should be fun to do, right!!!!
I love all the coloured middle bits I just didn't like the squares.
So I am using them and of course all the yarn that I am undoing from the squares.
So it will be the same as the granny one just hexagon shaped.
I am going to make it a bit bigger than my last hex blanket.

World Cup Football Dutch Style

When it comes to football the Dutch are a proud lot you know.
And rightly so because they just won 1-0 and won their first game 2-0.
All the streets here are Orange.
The Second photo was taken by my daughter Esther of her street,
the other two are of our street.
Behind the trees on my photos they had an Orange tent in the garden to watch the football outside. (If you click on the bottom photo you can just about see it.)
And there was a big roar when they scored of course.
And of course a photo of the lads after they scored!!!!!! HUP HOLLAND

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Took these this morning

I took these this morning

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Granny Square Blanket 1 2 3

I'm enjoying making this new blanket, I love the colours and combining then all.
My plan is to make it 10 squares wide and 15 squares long, and then to do a deepish edging all around.
The only thing is that these photos do not show the true colours, it looks better in real life LOL!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Going Square

Having finished my second hexagon blanket on Friday, I felt lost on Saturday.
I had had a few ideas as to what to do next, and I had tried things out too.
However, nothing seemed to feel right some how.
On one side I was thinking (last week) of making another hexagon blanket, but a granny square one seemed nice too.
So on Saturday I decided just to undo all the squares and other things I'd been trying out.
This left me with loads of little balls of different coloured yarn.
The question was how could I use it all up?
I just loved making the round middle bits for my hexagon blankets, and the thought of not making them anymore made me feel sad. (I love them so much).
And I had a number of them already made because like I said I was trying things out.
So late on Saturday I made a square with a round middle bit in it, and I just knew, this is it!!!
So yesterday I started making them combining colours I would never have thought of putting together.
And the ones I already had finished I took apart.
Meaning I left the first round middle in place and added a different colour for the second round.
And this is it so far.
It's colourful, it's fun and it is using up all my little balls.
And I still get to make my lovely little centres.

Friday, 4 June 2010

IT"S FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!

It's FINISHED!!!!!!
Although it was nearly finished yesterday I had not expected to get it finished today, but I'm glad I did.
I love it!

Really!!! Nearly!!!!! Finished

So, it really is nearly finished.
I took these photo's on Thursday afternoon so I've joined a few more now.
Our cat Leo checked it out.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!

GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I have a story to tell about all this yarn.
Since I started crocheting again in March of this year something as happened to me.
I was never one for combining colours or using colour combinations, meaning daring ones.
I'd often stick to beiges, creams and browns.
However, having seen all the colourful combinations people use these days (I'm showing my age with that line LOL) I'm even getting hooked on trying them out.
The wonderful Sarah London as been a great inspiration to me with all her colour combo's.
She uses colours I'd never think of putting together. (See my links list for her wonderful blog)
And of course Lucy over at Attic 24, Mia at Min Inspiration and Elizabeth Cat have been great inspirations too. (Once again see my blog list for their wonderful blogs)

Well when I made my first hexagon blanket it was really something for me to use the yellow in the middle of the blanket and the salmon colour.
And the blanket I am working on now with all it's bright colours is something new for me.
Now the yarn I used for the two hexagon blankets is really cheap just an euro a ball, and it comes in so many wonderful colours.
So I had to order more cream yarn in order to finish the second hexagon blanket, so I also ordered one of each colour from all the colours there are in this yarn.
There is also black and white but I didn't feel the need to order them yet.

So I'm like thinking (in fact I'm sure) that my next blanket will be even more colourful.
I can't wait!!!
I'm still not sure what the next one will be yet but I will post about that in later posts.
I'll just finish the one I'm doing now first.