Sunday, 27 February 2011

What I've Been Doing

So what have I been doing this week?
Well first up we went to Ikea on Tuesday and I bought among other things this vase.
It's cream enamel and I love it.
So Friday I bought flowers to go in it for the weekend.

And I am working on something new on the crochet front.

These Japenese Flowers.
This is going to be a blanket/bed cover.
I have joined in with a CAL (crochet a long) to work on this.
The CAL was an idea from Suz over at Suz Crochet Grove.

This is what it looked like Saturday morning.
One row finished and well on the way with the second.

And now it looks like this (photo taken this afternoon).
Two rows done and busy with the third.
What I love about making this blanket is that I am making it from yarn that I already had.
All the bits and bobs of yarn I had left from other projects.
And the beige and cream yarns come from a blanket I made but never really liked much.
So great stuff.
Here is the link to the CAL blog, do pop in and have a look and get some inspiration.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Japanese Flowers

Lucy over at Attic 24 posted a post on the 8th February about a Japanese Flowered Scarf she is making.
Well, I looked at the post and was really taken in by the photos, and the colours she is using.
But I didn't really read the post, and I just thought maybe I'll have a go at them one of these days.
Sunday evening when we got home from being out all day, I decided to go and have a look around in bloggie land.
And I saw a post on Elizabeth Cats blog also about these
Japanese Flowers.
And I saw on her blog a link to the pattern (the link to the pattern is also on Lucys blog but like I said I didn't really read the post).
So I printed the pattern and decided to have a go at making one.
But I just didn't get what the pattern meant, were it 4 rounds or 5 rounds?
So because I didn't really get it I decided to leave and try again another time.
Well the wonderful Suz posted a post on her blog yesterday and now I get it!!!!!

So this is my first try above. Not bad.

Then I did a second one, better I thought and a little bit smaller than the first one because I used other yarn. Both are made with a 3,5 hook.

Well I put them on top of each other and I thought now that's a good idea.
You could sew them together this way and they would look great.
And low and behold Suz read my mind again today and posted a post with wonderful colourful layered Japanese Flowers.
Now this is what I really love about blogland.
Someone comes up with an idea (all be it their own or from a book) and they inspire others to put their own stamp on the project.
I will not be making anymore of these flowers yet (at least that is what I'm promising myself), simply because I want to get on with my new ripple blanket.
And when that one is finished I have a couple more to make for family members.
But I will be making these again that's for sure.
And in the mean time I can be inspired by all these wonderful people.
Thanks Lucy because you started me off.
And Elizabeth for your take on it all.
And a big thanks to Suz for helping me get it.
And also to the French lady (whose blog is wonderful by the way) for posting the pattern.

Monday, 14 February 2011

And on to a new ripple

My ripple is really nearly finished now, just one and a half rows to go.
But I had an idea for a new ripple and just couldn't wait to try it out.
The colours are, Cream, White, Beige and Ecru.
And I am working this one through the back loops only so that I get more of a rib effect.
I think it looks a lot better worked this way, my other one is just flat because I worked through both loops.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I love heart and star shaped things.
So I was pleased to pick up these heart shaped cushions yesterday.
Not surprising really that they were in the shops this time of year of course for Valentine's day.
But I was surprised by the colours.
I'm a lover of neutral colours too, so these are right up my street.
And I can use these the whole year round.

And a glimpse of my ripple there which I have been working on today, nearly finished.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

More Ripple Photos

Because I've got this new camera I just had to take some more photos of my ripple blanket.
It's coming along nicely, I now have just 21 row to go.
The colours do look good with this camera.

Birthday Flowers

I took these photos with my new camera, my birthday present.
I just love all these flowers I received yesterday.

The First of a few Posts Today

It's just after midnight here in Holland now (0:24 to be exact), so it is no longer my birthday.
However, I will be receiving this later today, my birthday present.
(I still have to go to bed but already I just can't wait to get up again).

So once it's here I'll be taking loads of photos.

To be continued.........................................

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


It's my birthday today!!!!!!!