Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Japanese Flowers

Lucy over at Attic 24 posted a post on the 8th February about a Japanese Flowered Scarf she is making.
Well, I looked at the post and was really taken in by the photos, and the colours she is using.
But I didn't really read the post, and I just thought maybe I'll have a go at them one of these days.
Sunday evening when we got home from being out all day, I decided to go and have a look around in bloggie land.
And I saw a post on Elizabeth Cats blog also about these
Japanese Flowers.
And I saw on her blog a link to the pattern (the link to the pattern is also on Lucys blog but like I said I didn't really read the post).
So I printed the pattern and decided to have a go at making one.
But I just didn't get what the pattern meant, were it 4 rounds or 5 rounds?
So because I didn't really get it I decided to leave and try again another time.
Well the wonderful Suz posted a post on her blog yesterday and now I get it!!!!!

So this is my first try above. Not bad.

Then I did a second one, better I thought and a little bit smaller than the first one because I used other yarn. Both are made with a 3,5 hook.

Well I put them on top of each other and I thought now that's a good idea.
You could sew them together this way and they would look great.
And low and behold Suz read my mind again today and posted a post with wonderful colourful layered Japanese Flowers.
Now this is what I really love about blogland.
Someone comes up with an idea (all be it their own or from a book) and they inspire others to put their own stamp on the project.
I will not be making anymore of these flowers yet (at least that is what I'm promising myself), simply because I want to get on with my new ripple blanket.
And when that one is finished I have a couple more to make for family members.
But I will be making these again that's for sure.
And in the mean time I can be inspired by all these wonderful people.
Thanks Lucy because you started me off.
And Elizabeth for your take on it all.
And a big thanks to Suz for helping me get it.
And also to the French lady (whose blog is wonderful by the way) for posting the pattern.


  1. aaaah thanks for the mention..l do agree so many very different flowers will pop up as people put their stamp on an the idea
    Been in design all my working life and it still amazes me how one idea can take flight and develop in so many directions and with so many variations. A Gold star for blogland and the Japanese designer who's design we are all playing with!

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  3. Hi, just found your blog!
    Yes, Ive been loving those japanese flowers too!I also regualrly visit the other blogs you mentioned as they are such clever,inspirational ladies!
    But at last thanks to your blog I might actually have a go as you kindly post the link to the pattern AND have referred me to Suz! Wonderful!
    Thank you!

  4. Hi again!
    Just to say I am very happy to be passing on the Liebster Blog Award to you!
    Please pop over to my blog to see the details! If you have any queries then please leave a message, and I'll get back to you.

  5. I'd love to be able to make a flower but, sadly, I still don't "get it" in spite of looking at all the links.
    I now understand that it is four rounds but how is third round actually done?????????