Sunday, 27 February 2011

What I've Been Doing

So what have I been doing this week?
Well first up we went to Ikea on Tuesday and I bought among other things this vase.
It's cream enamel and I love it.
So Friday I bought flowers to go in it for the weekend.

And I am working on something new on the crochet front.

These Japenese Flowers.
This is going to be a blanket/bed cover.
I have joined in with a CAL (crochet a long) to work on this.
The CAL was an idea from Suz over at Suz Crochet Grove.

This is what it looked like Saturday morning.
One row finished and well on the way with the second.

And now it looks like this (photo taken this afternoon).
Two rows done and busy with the third.
What I love about making this blanket is that I am making it from yarn that I already had.
All the bits and bobs of yarn I had left from other projects.
And the beige and cream yarns come from a blanket I made but never really liked much.
So great stuff.
Here is the link to the CAL blog, do pop in and have a look and get some inspiration.


  1. Hi! I left a comment on your blog last week, giving you a Liebster Blog award - not sure whether you saw the comment, but if you are interested, please check out my blog! I awarded it to you as I had just discovered your blog and thought it lovely, with all the beautiful crochet you do.
    Love the ikea white jug, and your latest crochet!

  2. What beautiful flowers! I have read so many blogs posting about the Japanese flower, so I guess I need to start crocheting.

  3. Hallo Chris,

    Bedankt voor je komplimentjes...ik ben Nederlandse maar woon nu 23 jaar in Belgie...en ik spreek Vlaams(Nederlands) geen Frans ....
    De Patronen in het Engels zijn soms erg verwarrend of (mijns inziens) niet kompleet, dus ik probeer sommigen aan de hand van 'plaatjes kijken'...en sommigen gebruiken de Amerikaanse steken,sommigen de Engelsen..en sommigen , zoals IK,halen ze dna door elkaar ....maar heel lief dat je me aanbiedt om te helpen als ik in 'haaknood' ben ....
    Ik ga je volgen ....


  4. Hallo Chris,

    Ik wilde jouw blog volgen maar ik zie geen 'volgers' ?