Monday, 7 June 2010

Going Square

Having finished my second hexagon blanket on Friday, I felt lost on Saturday.
I had had a few ideas as to what to do next, and I had tried things out too.
However, nothing seemed to feel right some how.
On one side I was thinking (last week) of making another hexagon blanket, but a granny square one seemed nice too.
So on Saturday I decided just to undo all the squares and other things I'd been trying out.
This left me with loads of little balls of different coloured yarn.
The question was how could I use it all up?
I just loved making the round middle bits for my hexagon blankets, and the thought of not making them anymore made me feel sad. (I love them so much).
And I had a number of them already made because like I said I was trying things out.
So late on Saturday I made a square with a round middle bit in it, and I just knew, this is it!!!
So yesterday I started making them combining colours I would never have thought of putting together.
And the ones I already had finished I took apart.
Meaning I left the first round middle in place and added a different colour for the second round.
And this is it so far.
It's colourful, it's fun and it is using up all my little balls.
And I still get to make my lovely little centres.

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