Tuesday, 1 June 2010

GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!

GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I have a story to tell about all this yarn.
Since I started crocheting again in March of this year something as happened to me.
I was never one for combining colours or using colour combinations, meaning daring ones.
I'd often stick to beiges, creams and browns.
However, having seen all the colourful combinations people use these days (I'm showing my age with that line LOL) I'm even getting hooked on trying them out.
The wonderful Sarah London as been a great inspiration to me with all her colour combo's.
She uses colours I'd never think of putting together. (See my links list for her wonderful blog)
And of course Lucy over at Attic 24, Mia at Min Inspiration and Elizabeth Cat have been great inspirations too. (Once again see my blog list for their wonderful blogs)

Well when I made my first hexagon blanket it was really something for me to use the yellow in the middle of the blanket and the salmon colour.
And the blanket I am working on now with all it's bright colours is something new for me.
Now the yarn I used for the two hexagon blankets is really cheap just an euro a ball, and it comes in so many wonderful colours.
So I had to order more cream yarn in order to finish the second hexagon blanket, so I also ordered one of each colour from all the colours there are in this yarn.
There is also black and white but I didn't feel the need to order them yet.

So I'm like thinking (in fact I'm sure) that my next blanket will be even more colourful.
I can't wait!!!
I'm still not sure what the next one will be yet but I will post about that in later posts.
I'll just finish the one I'm doing now first.

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