Friday, 27 August 2010

Some Weekend Inspiration

My weekend inspiration post is a post that I post every Friday.
It is other peoples work that as inspired me throught the week, and I know it will inspire you too.
This weeks post is all about just one blog that I came acrossed last Friday evening quite by chance.
And I personally think that it is the most beautiful blog I've come acrossed in a while.
Simply because it is what I'd call, "Right up my street."
It is like having a big pile of magazines to look at.
And I spent last Friday evening going through the whole blog, and it was truely inspiring.
It's got everything, food, gardening, country living, cats, candles, wonderful handwork and in the winter months loads of snow.
There is patchwork, knitting and crocheting.
And this lady as the most beautiful home.
The blog is called Mia Landliv please go visit it is truely lovely.

Imagine sitting in this lovely chair crocheting.
And the blanket she is making is wonderful don't you think.
And then there is this wonderful ripple, I love the colours.
And get the bed!!!!

And then there is this wonderful blanket.
Which inspired me so much that I am going to make one.
Well, to be honest I've already started making one.
Because I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
Yes it is plain knitted squares and granny squares, and I love it.
But more about my one in a later post.
Have a great inspiring weekend!!!!!!!!


  1. Mum you are so right I fell in love with it too not that I am making one don't think I could. But I can tell you that this blanket is lovely, one of old passions Patch work Quity look hasn't it. Love it Love it!!! xx

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for sharing this lovely work with us, its very inspiring to see - as is your gorgeous, heart stoppingly colourful rainbow blanket on the post below which I had to mention...I love it! I think you have done a wonderful job in it, and I also bet its very cosy to curl up in too!

    Sending love
    Julia x x x