Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Learning alot about blogging

What's this all about you may well ask.
Yes it are all old photos of my Hexagon Blanket.
But this post is not about the blanket, no it's about the fact that I have learned how to make these mosaics of photos.
I had seen them on other blogs and was wondering how it was done, and now I can do it.
"You learn something new everday" is what they say, and the last couple of days I've learnt alot about blog posts.
And you can see the results on the blog I'm pleased to say.
And on another note.
I worked hard yesterday on my daughters bag and I took photos too.
However, I won't be posting them for a while because I don't want her to see it yet.


  1. Wel heeel nieuwsgierig hoe je dat doet :)

  2. Hoi Lique
    Ik heb het op internet gedaan bij The Mosaic maker.
    Ik moest wel even kijken hoe en wat, maar al je het eenmaal snapt dan gaat het makkelijk.
    Soms doet het wel even voor dat ik iets snap LOL