Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sarah's Bag

Well I've finished Sarah's Bag.
This was what it looked like Sunday afternoon.

And this was Monday morning.

This was Tuesday morning.

This was Tuesday afternoon after I'd finished it.
But the flowers weren't sown on yet.

And here it is with the flowers sown on.
A close up of the flowers.

And this is what it looks like hanging and ready to be sent to you.
I hope you like it .

I made it a bit smaller than my one, I like this size better.
And while I was making it I kept thinking about cups of cappuccino.
So I am calling it Sarah's Cappuccino Bag.

I am going to make myself another one in this size.
Also with this yarn because it crochets up tighter, which is better because stuff doesn't stick through the holes like it does in my one.
I surprised myself at how quickly I made this.
But being able to do it while at work the last couple of days helped.
Thanks to Lucy for the wonderful pattern of course.
Although like I said I made it a bit smaller.
Lucy did 14 rounds for the bottom I did 11, which makes it not so big and wide.
And I did 29 rounds for the sides, so 40 rounds all together.


  1. i must say mum quick work, and it does look nice really nice!!!!
    It is funny really I am these days more into cappacino than real coffee.!!!!
    Thank you mum I will be waiting for the postman on friday. Stop o yes wait a mininute mister postman waaaaiiiit mister postman...........and so on!! LOL
    Thanks again

  2. Hello Chris...I found my way to your blog through Lucy's sidebar (Flickr) and saw your bag. It turned out lovely and I was so jealous to see that it took only a few days. I just finished my first Lucy bag and the crochet work alone took about a week and a half (but felt a little like forever). I love the apt name you chose and it has been put in mind for a little coffee:)