Monday, 23 August 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Part 4)

In my last post about my rainbow blanket last Thursday I'd finished Three of the Six Colour blocks (a colour block is one row each of the 23 colours yarn I am using for this blanket).
Well, I said I'd be able to do quite abit Thursday and Friday evening because I'd be at work.
It turned out that I didn't have to work afteral.
So I decided I'd just work on the blanket in between doing my household work.

And this is what it looked like Friday morning, four blocks finished.

And Saturday I'd finished five.

I took this photo this morning but these six blocks were finished on Sunday, the light wasn't good enough to take a photo Sunday evening.
Now I had first planned to do six blocks and an edging but it didn't look big enough.
So I decided to go for seven.

And this photo was taken early this evening all seven finished.
So now I am doing the edging.
I decided it was best to spend my time on the rainbow blanket and leave the ripple for a while until the rainbow one is finished.
I must say that the blanket looks better in real life, these photos seem to make the colours too coloury, they are much softer colours really.
But all with all I am really pleased with the way it as turned out.

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  1. It looks really really soft and cuddly and happy. Gosh, you are so fast... Still nursing my aching arm... How I wish I could continue on mine. Lovely. Well done!