Friday, 13 August 2010

Some Weekend Inspiration

It's Friday again and time for my "Some weekend inspiration" post.
Great stuff that I found on the internet this week that is an inspiration to me.

First up is the wonderful little hexagon from "The Royal Sisters" blog.
It's called The Grandma Star Hexagon.
And there is a tutorial too, which is great.
I can't wait to have a go at these.

This is so simple (I simply love simple) Just treble crochets (DC US) it are the flowers that give it real taste I think.
It by Julia Crossland.

This is a wonderful blanket.
It's called "The Circle of friends Blanket" and it was blogged here.
Although I will have ago at making this square it looks a bit tricky for me at the moment.
But never say never right!!!!

Now aren't these just wonderful.
And once again there is a tutorial.
It's a Dutch blog but this lovely lady did the tutorial in both English and Dutch.

And good news, two weeks ago I posted a post in which there was a wonderful square that I fell in love with, over on Sarah London's blog.
And I even tryed to make it myself without a pattern.
Well she posted the link to the pattern.
It's called "The Sunburst Granny Square."
So you see there is loads of inspiration out there in internet land.
And loads of wonderful people who inspire me.
Have a great inspiring weekend!!!!

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