Thursday, 26 August 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Part 5)

At the end of the rainbow is.......
No, not a pot of gold.
But this.
The beginning of the end, or should I say the edging.
I first went all the way around the blanket with the peachy colour, one row of trebles (US DC).
Remember in an earlier post I was worried that I wouldn't have enough of this yarn. (the one in the photo)
Well, I found a whole ball which I didn't know I had in the bottom of my yarn basket.
So because I had more of this colour than any of the others I went around the blanket with it twice.

By the way the colours in this above photo look better and more like the real thing than the other photos I've taken.
Because I wanted to make this blanket using only yarn from my stash I had to use the colours I had enough of to finish it off.
I must say that there have been time when I was tempted to buy new yarn to finish it off, but I didn't. (I'm so proud of myself for that LOL)
So to finish it off I did a row of picot stitches in the light green.
I did try doing a deeper edging at first using all different colour together.
But I didn't like it and the edging started to curl up.
So I pulled it apart and just did the picot row to finish it off.

And here it is FINISHED!!!!!
I'm please witht the way it as turned out and with the fact that I was able to make it from yarn that I had and not have to buy new yarn.
Although sometimes I really was tempted to do so.
It's not a really big blanket but big enough to frow over yourself for some warmth when it's a bit chilly. I must say that I didn't do anything with this blanket on Tuesday at work. I was a bit fed up with it after having done so much work on it last Thursday and Friday and the weekend. I just needed a rest from it, and I must say it worked well because yesterday I really enjoyed finishing it off. And I have started on a new project by the way. And yes it is a new blanket. One that will also use up more of my stash, but not completely because I ordered a few balls of yarn for it that came yesterday. more about that in a later post.

Rainbow blanket is finished!!!!!!!!!

P.S I just looked back at my posts and I now realize that I started to make this blanket on 10th of August, WOW did it really only take me 15 days (because I finished it yesterday evening). And I really wasn't crocheting all day long just doing a couple of rows in between doing my house work and other things. there were even days in between that I did nothing on it.I'm amazed at how quick that went. I remember well when I use to crochet when my kids were small and the time it took me to finish projects, that is if they ever got finished, there were quite a few that didn't. I also remember older women whom I knew at the time and how quickly they finished things, and how I longed to be able to finish things so quickly. Well all you women out there with young kids running around who find it hard to find the time, I understand you all. But remember and mark my words your day will come.

I sound like my Mum or my Nan, boy I must be getting on LOL. I don't know if I will keep this blanket or if one of my kids or grandkids will claim it. But for now I will just enjoy it.


  1. It does look lovely mum really good!!!
    And you should be proud of yourself, I was thinking about years ago when you made all the curtains for our house that was when you did alot of crocheing aswell now you have the blanket bug and what a good bug too have, you will never be cold!!! LOL
    Love you xxx

  2. The blanket looks wonderful. Such fun, happy colours