Monday, 2 August 2010

Just a little peak

Now in my post yesterday I just happened to mention that I would start making a new bag on Monday for my daughter Sarah.
Well, I started on it yesterday.
I just happened to have some time on my hands, so I did the above while I was waiting to go out.
Yesterday evening when we got back home I worked on it again.
However, the photo that I took this morning of how far I am now I am not going to post yet.
Simply because I don't want Sarah to see anymore of it yet.
Later today and tomorrow I will be working, so I will take it with me so I can work on it there.
I might take some more photos today that don't show the whole thing just to get her going.

I must say I am using the other yarn for this bag, that is the same one I used for my hexagon blanket, and the stitches are tighter than on my bag.
I think it is going well alot better than my one.

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