Friday, 13 August 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Part 2)

I promised an up-date of my rainbow blanket and here it is
I must say I am really enjoying make this blanket.
It is a project that you can just pick-up and put back down.
Meaning you don't have to think to much about what you are doing.
Once you get it right that is, because I had to start again when I first started because I forgot to do two stitches at the end of each row.
But once you get the hang of it it's very relaxing.

I took this photo Tuesday evening after I had finished my first block of colours.
I have used 23 colours all together.
I want to make 6 blocks for this blanket.
And I found The pattern again by the way.
I knew I'd seen it somewhere but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I just started making it.
That is why I made the mistake of not doing two stitches at the end of the row of course.
The pattern is here

I will have enough yarn to finish it.
The only colour that might not make the 6 stripes that I need of each colour is this tangerine one.
So I'm hoping it will be enough.

And this is what it looks like now.
I am nearly finished with the second block now, so one third is nearly done, and then I'll do an edging of course.


  1. Very nice indeed. The link to the pattern doesn't work. Just to let you know. However, you are wroking really fast on this one. Thanks for sharing your creations and I have found some other great blogs through yours aswell. Really nice.

  2. Well, hello there :-) I just found your blog! Like it a lot. Will try to follow you from now on. Take care/ Maja in Sweden

  3. Welcome Annette and Maja,
    Thanks Annette for pointing that out to me about the link to the pattern, it works now I'm pleased to say.
    Thanks for dropping by and for your nice comments ladies.
    have a great weekend