Friday, 20 August 2010

Some Weekend Inspiration

My weekend inspiration post this week comes from photos I found on Flickr.
There is so much great stuff there.
These are a few of my fav's

Tiny Granny Squares.
And a lovely Ripple both can be found here.

I love this blanket that I found on Flickr. Here

Cute hexagons and cute circles don't you think. Both made by Leanda over at the "one loop short" blog and the pattern is there too for the hexagons. I love her use of colour.
I can't find the circles (which are the middle bits of squares I think) on her blog, but the photo came from her flickr photostream here.

I love these flowery Squares From the Moss Stitch blog.

There are a lot of Granny Stripe Blankets around on Flickr, due to the fact that people were grannying along with Lucy from Attic 24.
I love this one, the edging is great made by Oran.
Have a great inspiring weekend!!!!!


  1. hi ,
    loveley photos of your ripple blanket.
    have a nice week,

  2. O dear, too much inspiration to check it out right now ... thanks, I'll do it anyway, soon!