Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My New Project

In my last post on Friday I hinted that I had already started on a new project.
And that it is yet another blanket, namely the wonderful grey blanket I saw over on Mia's blog and just fell in love with.
Well I already had a number of cream and grey colour yarns in my stash and a lot of black.
One colour I didn't have in my stash was white.
So I ordered the white and some more of the colours that I already had, just to make sure I'd have enough to finish the blanket.
This photo was taken the morning it arrived, I love it when the postman comes with a box like this
So I got the yarn sorted out in to bags

And yes it is a blanket made of knitted squares and granny squares.
I haven't knitted in a while but I'm really enjoying making these squares.
I finished yet another white one this morning and casted the stitches on for what will be the last white one I will need.
That paper there is my plan of action, to keep track of what I'm doing.
And this is what I've done so far.
I love the colours and the idea of a lovely warm winter blanket I can't wait to finish it now.


  1. Hi, I found you over at I Crochet. I've enjoyed visiting your blog. This blanket is going to be beautiful. I love the idea of combining knit/crochet squares. I just may have to make one too!

  2. Hi, I too found your blog over at ICrochet. I would love to make the same type of blanket. Can you tell me how many rounds of crochet for the GS squares and how many stitches did you cast on for the knitted squares? Oh and what size hook/needles are you using?

  3. Hi,

    Welcome, great that you both found me on ICrochet, and thanks for leaving your comments.
    In answer to your question isaksmom.
    I did a six round granny square with a 3,5 crochet hook and then made the knitted square the same size which with my yarn was 25 stitches on size four needles.
    These sizes of the hook and needles are euro sizes not sure what size they would be in the states or elsewhere, but I hope this helps.
    Glad you both like the idea of the blanket.
    Like I wrote in my post I got the idea from Mia's blog here's the link
    I hope my one turns out as lovely as hers.
    Have a great day and thanks again,


  4. Thanks for the info Chris, the sizes are the same here in Canada for the needles. I have started some Granny Squares but can easily see myself putting them into a blanket like this. Very nice.
    I have subscribed to both your blog and Mia's blog via my Google Reader so I can keep updated on all your crochet goodness. Thanks so much!