Monday, 27 September 2010

The Ripple

Here is the yarn from my stash that I will be using for the ripple.

And Thursday evening I was quite naughty.
Yes I started on it.
I just did the chain row and two rows of the pattern to make sure it all fits and works out alright.
And it did!!!!
Looking good.
But I won't be working on it anymore now because I promised myself I'd finish the grey blanket first.
And I also plan to crochet some Christmas trees and stars to hang around the house for Christmas (in between that is).
Like these ones I tried out back in March when I started crocheting again and couldn't wait to try out.
Grandma Twinkle stars.


  1. I think your yarn choice is going to make a lovely ripple - really nice colours!

  2. Hello Chris! I haven't popped in for a couple of weeks and I thought I had better come and see the blankets reveal! Can't wait to see it, I loved the post you did with the other two blankets you were so inspired by!
    And how exciting, the next project ready to go! I know what that's like....

  3. Hello! I visit you first time and love your blankets! Wonderful colours and also the knitted blankets are so beautiful! Best wishes from Crete Teje