Sunday, 19 September 2010

Another Grey Blanket Update

Here's another Grey Blanket Update

I've finished all the fluffy cream coloured squares.

And these grey ones. This is one of the two colours that I didn't make granny square with, so I knitted 16 of these.
I didn't make grannies with this and one of the cream colours (I'm using two cream colours) because they crocheted up either too big or too small. (Both this grey and that cream are the same make of yarn it's called Oslo).

And now I am working on this colour which I call the tweedy grey.
When I see the photo of this yarn and the one in the second photo they look a like.
But they're not, the other one is a lot softer and just a touch darker, and less tweedy than this one.
So far I have knitted two in this yarn and made one granny.
So I have 9 more knitted square to do in this yarn and 4 more grannies.
So it's all coming along nicely and is going pretty fast really.
And I have put a whole new layout plan together for when all the squares are finished.
Have a great Sunday!!!!!


  1. Hi - just wanted to let you know that I have given your blog "The versatile blogger" award. Please come over to my blog to pick it up. :)

  2. Hi Cris! Your blanket is coming along wonderfully. You have done so many squares already. I can hardly wait to see the finished result.

    I am sorry you have had to wait for my reply email this long. I have not forgotten you, and will email you shortly (I hope I am forgiven...)