Friday, 17 September 2010

Some Weekend Inspiration

So it is Friday once again and time for my weekly, "Some Weekend Inspiration" Post.
In this post I talk about the wonderful stuff I have found online this week that has inspired me, and that will maybe inspire you over the weekend.
I am a great fan of simple so when I saw this first blanket I loved it.
It is just simple garter stitch squares but by turning them around like this and the use of the colours it makes a wonderful simple blanket, but the effect is lovely don't you think?

The thing is I found this lovely blanket on a site somewhere, and the person just said it wasn't their blanket, just a link they had found and didn't know where it came from anymore.
Well I wasn't going to have that was I. (LOL)
Because I always like to give credit where credit is due.
So I looked around online and yes I found where it came from.
It was made by Dani look here.
She made it back in 2008 and it is a Debbie Bliss pattern.
And she also made another one!!!

This one which she made in 2005 see here
I love both sets of colours she used.
It comes from Debbie Bliss's book, Baby knits for Beginners
This blanket as inspired me no end because it is so simple.
I have been busy with my own grey blanket this week and thanks to this blanket I have a great idea for the layout of my blanket now.
But more about that in later posts.
By the way do go over and look at Dani's blog she as made some wonderful stuff.
And yesterday evening I found this lovely blanket also in garter stitch.
I love this thing called the I-Cord edging.
I want to have a go at that.
There are wonderful photos of this blanket here
And a lovely photo of the whole thing on Flickr here
I also found two wonderful granny crochet projects too!
Here is the Granny Stripe Shrug pattern.
And the Granny Tissue Box Cover Tutorial.
I love them both!!!!
Have a great and inspiring weekend!!!!!


  1. love this! it reminds me of a quilt~I quilt and crochet.
    I'd love to have you post this (and other creations) over at my link handmade blog. It's free, and a great way to share.

  2. Hi thanks for popping by and thanks for the shrug to try that one in pale grey l think
    The cot quilt is wonderful too..just no on to make it day may be x