Friday, 3 September 2010

Some Weekend Inspiration

It's Friday again, doesn't time just fly!!!!!
And it is time for my weekly, "Some Weekend Inspiration" post once again.
This week my inspiration comes from a wonderful blog called "i Crochet."
It's a blog that you can visit and leave a link to your own blog.
And of course visit all the other peoples blogs via their links.
I had a great time on Wednesday evening looking around quite a few of the blogs on there.
And I was truely inspired by all these lovely people and their wonderful crochet projects.
This post could have been ten times as long if I were to post eveything I saw and loved.
So I have just three pictures of things I loved for you.
But there were many more believe me, go visit!!! i Crochet and see for yourself.

This little lovely is the Dottie Angel blanket made by Vivienne see it here.
Great stuff.
I love this tree of crochet hearts.

And I just love these and there's a pattern too here
Well that's it.
Have a great and inspiring weekend!!!!


  1. Hi Chris, thanks for the little mention!!
    You have a lovely blog. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Hello, You have a lovely blog and I have loved looking at all your lovely crochet items. I would love to learn how to crochet the String of Hearts but the blog you referred to I can not read. Is there anyway you can give me instructions on how to crochet the string of hearts in this posting. Thanks Hugs Judy