Sunday, 26 September 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I haven't been at home much over the past three days because I had to go to work.
So I had a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon today.
However while at work I did manage to get quite a few squares done.
I finished off all the granny square I need for my Grey Blanket
And knitted quite a few too.

So here is a photo of all of them so far.

I also joined some of them together.
Now you might remember from an earlier post that I had joined the first row together.
Well I took that apart again because of the fact that I had thought up a new layout.
At the back of the squares in these photos you can see that a few are joined.
Well I have now joined the first row and also seven squares of the second row (each row has ten squares).
The light wasn't good enough to take photos of the joined rows when I was finished, so I'll take a couple tomorrow.
I now have just 17 knitted squares to go!!!!!!!!!

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