Monday, 13 September 2010

Something I've been meaning to mention

There is something I have been meaning to mention about my grey blanket.
Like I mentioned in earlier posts, I got the idea for my blanket from Mia.
This is her lovely blanket.

I love it, I love it!!!!!!

But Mia got the idea from this little lovely made by Liv.
Very lovely too don't you think?
That is what I love about all these wonderful blogs, they are so inspiring.
You can take someones idea and make it your way.
Now the question is what will mine look like?
I can't wait to see.
So I will go back to my knitting now.


  1. They are both beautiful. I know what you mean about blogland - it is so inspiring! :)

  2. Hi Chris...thanks we both love DIY and decorating been remodelling the double folding doors today can't believe how much better they look hated them before we started now l love them
    Love your grey throw too a real fav colour looking fabulous
    Hugs Suz x

  3. Beautiful blankets! Love the one that has knitted and crochet squares. Can't wait to see yours finished :-))