Thursday, 2 September 2010

Planning Ahead

We live in the north of Holland and I order all my yarn online here. (It's in Dutch)
The online shop also as a real shop in a place called Apeldoorn, which is over an hours drive (with the car) away from where we live.
Well it just so happens that we have family living in Apeldoorn.
However, whenever we visit it is on a Sunday or in the evening so I'd never gotten around to visiting the real shop.
That is until last Tuesday.
We were there in the afternoon, so I just had to pop into the shop and have a look round.
Now I must say it is the kind of shop that I could get lost in for hours.
But we were going to visit family so I didn't stay long.
However, I stayed long enough to stock up on some yarn for future Autumn/ Winter projects.
Jippy!!!! a new stash!!!!!

This little lot is going to be a new ripple blanket.
This time I bought a wool mix yarn.
It's just 20% wool, but it is so lovely and soft!!!! Lovely!!!!

And this thicker one is for a new knitting project I have planned with a cable, something I am longing to do and haven't done for years, and I mean like 20 years ago when I made one of my daughters a cable jumper.
So I am planning ahead.
Last winter we had quite a bit of snow and didn't go out much for about three weeks.
Well, if that happens again this year I'm ready for it.
Bring it on I'd say LOL!!!!!!!

P.S. Remember my rainbow blanket. Well I had ordered one of each of 30 colours to make it. But after playing around with the colours I decided not to use seven of the colours, they just didn't seem to fit with the other colours. Then it dawned on me that maybe the shop would take them back, because I hadn't opened them. One of the colours was a dark green which I decided to keep for Christmassy projects. And they did take them back!!! I was so pleased. What with that and the fact that I didn't have to pay for postage I was well pleased, it made my day.

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