Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My Grey Blanket

My grey blanket is coming along nicely I must say.

The piles of squares are growing.

I love seeing these piles grow.

I am using ten colours altogether.
White, two creams, two shades of light grey, two shades of middle grey, two dark greys and black.
The way I have planned it is this.
160 squares altogther, that is 120 knitted and 40 grannys.
I am using all 10 colours for the knitted squares.
But just eight for the grannys.
The reason that I am only using eight of the ten colours for the grannys, is because two of the colours crocheted up to big.
I am doing a six round granny square and when I did that with those two colours (of the same make of yarn) they were to big.
And five rounds was to small, so I just decided to stick to the eight colours for the grannys.
It's easy anyway because it is just five of each of the eight colours.
So looking at the over all picture it is like this.
10 x 16 squares of each colour is 160 squares
So 16 knitted each of the two colours I'm not using for the grannys.
11 knitted each of the other colours.
And then five each of thoses same colours granny squares.
So I am really enjoying making this blanket, it's just great to be knitting again too!!!!!!!!

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  1. Your squares look great. It is going to be a beautiful afghan. :)