Thursday, 2 September 2010

My Grey Blanket

This afternoon I decided to join the first row of my squares on my grey blanket.
Just to see what it will look like.
My plan is to make it ten squares wide and sixteen long.
This isn't my own idea I got it from Mia's blanket because that is how she did it.
I don't know if it will end up the same size as Mia's one because of the yarn I am using, but I thought it would make a good size blanket.
I am using ten different colours altogether.
White, two creams, I call these the lights.
Two light greys and two middle colour greys, I call these the middles.
And three dark colours which I am calling the darks, they are two dark greys and black.
So I have to really think and make sure I get all ten colours in the row.
Now you might think that's easy, just take one of each, but there are the granny square as well as the knitted ones.
So I have to make sure I don't put the granny and the same coloured knitted one in a row.
I can play around with the colours and shades within the rows, just as long as I get one of each in them.

So this is it!! the first row not a bad size at all I must say.
And it will be wider because of the edging of course.

It's on our bed in this photo, yes it really is a nice size.

And look at the joins, well the sewing.
I took my time and did it neatly, using a running stitch.
Looking good don't you think.

And this is what it looks like with all the ends crocheted in, nice and neat!!!
So, I love it!!!!!! So far so good.
One down 15 to go.

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