Friday, 24 September 2010

Some Weekend Inspiration

This week I have been looking at and letting myself be inspired by Ripples.
Because when I have finished my Grey Blanket I want to start making a ripple.
I found loads of inspiration on Flickr at the Ripple Along Group.
So I made this mosaic of some of the ones I like.
Do go visit because there is some amazing stuff over there.

Flickr Ripple Along Group
And this one and the one below are the ones I really love, both made by Mia.

So like I said I first have to finish off my Grey Blanket
But I have some news about the grey blanket.
I now have just 28 squares to go!!!!!!
It won't be long now.
But I still have to sew them all together and think about the edging.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Pretty ripples. I've been thinking about crocheting a straight ripple myself - I've done quite a few of the round ripples so I thought it would be a nice change. Have fun creating yours. :)