Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Since I started crocheting again in March this year I have been looking at and loving the ripple blankets that you can see online.
It all seemed like a lot of work to me, so I didn't expect to make one.
However, Saturday evening I found a tutorial online with easy how to pictures (see links list for ripple tutorial) so I had a go.
The bottom photo was my trying out and it's so easy.
The top photo will be my first real ripple blanket.
To be honest I like to work with the yarn I used for the try out best.
However, I bought a load of cheap yarn from a cheap shop so I want to use it all up before I think of buying new yarn.
I have a pattern for the ripple stripes which I generated over at the Random Stripe Generator
(see links list for the link to that).
It is really easy you just select all the colours you want to use and the amount of rows and you get a pattern.
So I am pleased that I will be using that yarn for something after all, for a while I thought I'd bought it for nothing because I didn't like the tryout hexagons I made with it.


  1. Prachtig!

    Ik wil er ook aan beginnen, maar nu eerst met squares begonnen.. :)

  2. It is looking lovely mum!!!
    To me it seems difficult as you have too change color all the time. It does look very good!!
    Take Care xx

  3. Rippling is so relaxing and quite quick also I think. I made a ripple blanket for my daughter last winter, and I was out of yarn everytime sooner than expected. I kept on ordering.
    Happy ripples!

  4. Great colors. I would love to try to make a ripple blanket. Yours looks so even,

  5. Thanks for the comments folks.
    I have been trying out stuff a lot this summer, and this ripple pattern was one of the things I tried.
    It really is easy I was so surprised.