Monday, 10 January 2011

Edith Holden

Back in 1978 my brother bought me the book "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady" by Edith Holden for my 20th birthday.
I loved the book the moment I received it and I still do.
But mostly it is just there on the shelf, I might look in it from time to time.
I'm so glad my brother wrote in it so that I know when it was he gave it to me.
Well yesterday evening I just had to think about it again, because I was thinking about finding nice pictures to post at the start of every month this year on my blog.
So I thought, "I wonder if the pictures are online somewhere?"
And they are!!!! I love the internet!!!!! So here is the link
And a few more January images.


  1. Hello Chris,
    I yust found your weblog, ferry inspiring.
    I am a Dutch lady and I live in Purmerend. I want to make a Ripple to, but I can't find the colours I want, Most of the time I buy my yarn by Wibra but they have not so many colours. Can you tell me where you order your yarn, thanks!
    you can email me at
    Anne Cevat

  2. Hoi Anne

    Ik koop mijn garen hier
    Ze zijn snel hoor als je voor zeg maar 4uur s'middags bestel dan heb je het morgen in huis.
    En ook niet zo duur.

    Thanks for posting your comment