Friday, 18 May 2012

What I've Been Upto Part 4

And now for something completely different!!!!
No crochet, but a new hobby!!!

I was inspired a couple of weeks ago to have ago at making things with clay.
Using cookie cutters to cut out the shapes.

I used Polymer Air-Dry clay, which as the name suggests will dry without having to fire it or bake it.

I rolled out the clay with a small plastic rolling pin.
Making the textured look in the clay is easy too.
Just take a dollie, crocheted or paper and put it on top of your already rolled out clay, then roll over it gentally with your rolling pin.
Or just make patterns in the clay with stuff you have around the house, like the little star pattern in the one above.
I then used my cookie cutters to cut out the shapes.
I didn't use a cookie cutter for the one with the stars, which you can see but I still think it look good.
I made a hole to put the ribbon through by carefully push a drinking strew through to the otherside.

On the packet it says 24 hours but some of mine took a bit longer than that to dry out.
When they were dry I gave them two coats of vanish.
After the vanish dried I add the ribbon.

The one above I pushed into a cake form to get this pattern.
I'm going to be having lots of fun with this new hobby in the future.
I've always had a thing about cookie cutters I love them, and all the shapes and sizes they come in.
So I'm looking out to buy some new ones and see what I can create with them.

I've already made some Christmasy plain ones, I'll be making more of these to give away as gifts.

Chris Xx


  1. These are soooo pretty. Chris, would it be possible to find out what colours you used for the flower blanket - the pebbles one? I really like your colour scheme. Which yarn did you use? xx

    1. Hi Hazel

      Thanks for the comment.
      I used acrylic yarn although a couple of them were an acrylic/wool mix with just a bit of wool in them.
      So it came from all over the place really, meaning I didn't just buy it in one shop.
      And I also used up yarn that I had over from other projects.

      I hope this helps!!
      Have a great weekend.

    2. P.S The colours were all different shades of grey, beige, cream, a couple of browns and rusty colours.