Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Righting Wrongs part1

It's nearly a couple of weeks ago now that I finished all the squares for my grey blanket.
And at first I was over the moon at having finished.
And then it dawned on me, (yes sometimes I am a bit slow you know lol) why am I so over the moon about this I thought.
I still have to sew the whole thing together as yet.
That is 120 knitted squares and 40 crocheted and I am not a hand sewing person at all.
What came over me to not think of this when I started the project I thought.
Well I did sew four rows togther and then I was bored with the thing.
Well I decided to go into what I will call Scarlett O Hara mode thinking to myself, "I don't want to think about that today, I'll think about it tomorrow."
So I decided to just get on with my ripple blanket and leave the grey one for a while.

Now this is the yarn I had bought awhile ago to make the ripple with.
However I decided not to use the grey ones, just the two creamy colours, the light brown and the pale lemon colour.
Well, I fell in love with these colours that I had seen online and I really wanted to use these for the ripple.
But I thought I'd better not buy them, no it would be better to use up colours from my stash.
The glittery ones are 45% wool and lovely and soft and fluffy, and the glitter, I love a bit of glitter.
And the cream one is 50% merino wool and is also lovely and soft.
Well I started the ripple and I love the wool it is so lovely to work with and it looks good too.
I then added a beige colour from my stash and it didn't look that bad at all, it's in between the two lemon colour stripes.
Then I added this colour from my stash.
It is called beige but it is more like a bluey mauvey beige (a strange colour altogether really lol).
I had a strange feeling about it but I went on.
Here is a close-up of the bluey, mauvey, beige thingy.
It was a bad move, but still I went on, some people never learn.
I had generated the stripe pattern over at the random stripe generator by the way and there were nine colours in the pattern.
So this meant that I had four of the colours that I had bought for the ripple and a cream colour that is nice and fluffy.
And then I was using colours from the stash for the other four colours.

Then I came to the point in the pattern where I had to join in another colour and I did this one.
And it was even worse than the other one I'd added.
I didn't like it at all.
So I had now come to the point that I entered Scarlett O Hara mode about the ripple too!!!!
I just didn't want to think about it too much, and it had started off so well.
So this is what it looked like on Sunday when I decided to go into Scarlett O Hara mode.
To be honest I hated it, yes I used the H word!!!
Well to be honest I loved the beginning.
And I loved working on this pattern too.
So on Monday I decided to order the four colours I'd fallen in love with online.
Thay came yesterday (but you already knew that otherwise I wouldn't have had a photo of them would I).
And today I pulled the ripple apart.
Up to the first beige I added that is the point I am showing you here.
So it doesn't always pay to try and use up stash, at lest that is what I've learn from this.
Well I've started on one of the glittery colours instead of the beige and I love it.
This is going to be a great ripple, soft, fluffy and glittery.
It was too dark to take any photos of it later today, but there will be plenty in later posts.


  1. The one thing we all learn, is that when we really like a yarn, but use something else, if just doesn't work - and I am very guilty of this
    Stash is good ☺

  2. Me encanta tu blog, Felicidades por tus labores un saludo desde España..

  3. If you're not happy with it now, you'll never be happy with it. It was worth it to change it now, fairly early into the blanket. That's what I think, anyway. Love the colours by the way; they blend beautifully.
    Caz :)

  4. Hihihi, I really like the "Scarlett O Hara mode"... have to remember that one (as I can truly relate).

    I am just impressed how fast you work (even though I already knew from your email). Fancy having all the squares for your grey blanket done already. But sewing them together is "no picnic", and took me ages. But is is worth it in the end. So do not give up.

    Your ripple looks amazing. And I do agree with you about the colours. It is never fun to undo something (the voice of experience) but in the end worth it anyway. Can not wait to see more of your ripple and to see the finished result of the grey one (do let me know when done).

    Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog about my 4th anniversary. Your kind words are truly appreciated. I am sorry I have not replied your email yet, but will do soon (I promise). This autumn has just slipped away without me as much as taking a notice, or having done much to be noticed!