Thursday, 4 November 2010

Now, About That Ripple!!!

I took my ripple blanket apart again last week, I didn't like the glittery yarn afteral, so this is what it looks like now.
And honestly it will be staying like this now.
I just took the six colours I decided I was going to use and did two rows of each colour.
Then I just turned the combination around by using the first colour second and the second colour first, the third colour fouth and the fouth colour third and so on.
I found this worked very well, so those 24 rows became my first block.
I think six blocks will make a nice size blanket.

In some of these photos that grey looks more bluey, but it is a lovely light grey really.

I took this above photo this morning, the light wasn't that good really.
It's a real dark autumn day here today and very windy.
I've finished two blocks now so far (that is 48 rows).
So if six is big enough this means that one third of the blanket is finished.

I love this ripple pattern by the way, and I am really pleased that I've finally got the colours sorted out!!!


  1. It's really lovely! The colours are so vintagey looking and I am really liking your ripple a lot! :)

  2. It is looking really nice!!! I admire this kind of work so much!

  3. hi chris,
    your ripple afghan looks very nice!! i love the colors .
    have a nice week,
    greetings from germany,

  4. l really like yr colours Christine..l havent tried to do the Ripple yet but after looking at Lucys -Attic 24 & now yours, l think l`ll have a go..l have been doing crochet 27yrs but only plain stuff & l was never sure what my crochet stitches were called.. Since starting to read yr blogs & a couple of others l am now completly ''hooked''.. Keep up yr great work.. Regards,
    Pam Clarke.
    New England, NSW, Australia..

  5. Thanks for the kins comments everyone.
    I'm warning you Pam if you start on a ripple you will be hooked on them too.
    They are so relaxing to do.
    The part that is a bit tricky is making the long chain at the beginning and the first row, but once that is done you can just pick it up and put it down without having to do much counting.

    Best Wishes


  6. Here are the links to Mia's ripples