Monday, 6 February 2012


At the beginning of 2012 I thought, "I must post more often on my blog this year."
Well, I started well didn't I (I wish LOL) with just one post in the month of January.
So here is a sort of update of what I've been up to, because I have been taking up my hook even if I didn't blog about it at the time.

For a long while now I have been planning to make cushion covers for my cushion in the living room.
I'd look around online for inspiration, and would always, always end up on Emma Lamb's blog, dreaming of making cushion covers like her amazing crochet ones.

Well last Friday evening I started on my first one.
This one was for a small sized cushion.

So I made two 18 round granny squares first.

And I then crocheted them together using the single crochet joining method.

But then I was faced with how to close the open end.
Now, Emma Lamb used buttons for hers, but I was thinking more like making cords and joining it with a bow.
So yesterday evening I just googled "making crochet bows" and I came acrossed this lovely little pattern for small crocheted bows here.
And that was it, and here is the finished result!!!!

What I did was this when I had finished the back square I did 3 rows of treble crochet for the inside flap, I sewed the bows onto there and pulled them through the other side.

This last photo is like a before and after photo, because next to the new cushion is the other one, or what this one use to look like.
So I'll be making one for that one too soon.
But at the moment I'm working on another cushion project and I've also finished another small project, but more about all that in my next post!!!
Have a great day!!!!


  1. Hi Chris.... what a gorgeous cushion cover! I love the little crochet bows...they finish it off perfectly! What yarn did you looks really soft... :)x

  2. Beautiful, I like the colours you used.

  3. The bows add just the right amount of jazz, turning a simple pillow into a 'Jazzy Granny Cushion'!

  4. Very pretty pillow! I've made so many granny squares but have yet to make a pillow or a blanket from them. One day I must actually complete a project. Hope your day is a good one. Tammy