Sunday, 2 May 2010

Oh Happy Day(s)

This weekend my daughter, son-in-law and the three granddaughters were here for a visit.
My two sons came too.
One son arrived on Saturday, the others all came on Friday.
It was Queensday here in Holland on Friday.
So all the crocheting I got time to do over the weekend was trying out a couple of things for my new blanket.
I didn't work on the other blanket while they were all here because like I said in earlier posts it is getting big.
Anyway yesterday we went to a shop here in the town where we live.
The shop is called "Action" and they have some great stuff.
But what usely happens is that they get stuff and once it's all gone it gone.
So if you see stuff you like it is best to buy it because if you go back it could all be gone.
And it is soooooooooooo CHEAP!!!!
Well look what I got (see photo).
Loads of balls of yarn for just 94 cents a ball and they are 100 gram balls.
The yarn I'm working with now cost a euro per ball and they are 50 gram balls.
And I thought that was cheap.
It's just 100 per cent acrylic yarn, but the one I'm working with now is too.
I love it!!!!!!!


  1. You got all that yarn at Action that is really good.
    Here yarn is not cheap, only if you happen too see some in a second hand shop then of course it is cheap.
    I wish they would open a shop like action here!!!

  2. Hello Chris(tine)
    This is the first time I write on your blog.
    Lovely blankets you have hooked! And the action is a cheap shop where you can buy a lot for little money. Is it necessary to write in english? My school-english is nog so good, and I read that you lives fot many years in Holland, so I hope you will understand me when I write in my own language. Than I can say better what I mean.
    You have a nice blog, and I'll visit you frequently.
    Have a nice day

  3. sorry, I see a mistake: "noT so good"....