Monday, 17 May 2010

Our Sunday

Yesterday we went to visit family in Apeldoorn.
Well, I discovered something while we were driving there.
That is that I am perfectly able to crochet in the car, because I am not the driver and am always being driven.
It was a great day, we didn't eat before leaving so we stopped off for bunch at McDonald's.
We had a "Big Tasty" and it was really tasty, I love McDonalds.
I often hear that you love McDonald's or you hate it.
Well I love it.
I hear the same thing about Ikea to, and I love Ikea.
Well like I said it was a great day, we did some catching up with the family there and had a lovely Chinese meal together.
So I now have a pile of middles waiting to be joined onto the blanket.
So today in between doing stuff here in the house I will be joining.
I can't wait to see what the blanket looks like after joining all these, because I will be over half way then.
More photo's tomorrow!!!!

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