Thursday, 10 March 2011

Japanese Flower Love

For the last couple of days I've been working on the middle bits of my flowers for my japanese flower blanket.
And as of yesterday they are all finished.

Here they are all bagged up per row.

I then start doing the third round of a whole row of middles before joining.
I'm joining the sixth row now and it's nearly finished.
I will take some new photo's of the whole blanket on Friday I think.

Now, what is this bag of goodies you may well ask. well, it is going to be my next project. Yes I know I haven't finished this one yet and I'm already thinking and working towards the next one. What is it going to be? I will share that in a later post, but one thing is this, it will be japanese flowers again because I love making them.


  1. Waiting to see the finished blanket!!!

  2. FABULOUS to discover your blog, I'm WOW-ing over your flower blanket!!! It's going to be amazing.
    Let me know how it progresses, I'd love to see it grow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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