Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Story Behind My Flower Blanket

I thought I'd share with you the story behind my flower blanket.
I am making this blanket out of yarn that I already have.
What I have done is to take apart another blanket I made last year, this one. Now, the reason why I'm taking it apart is this.
When I started making it last year I ordered the yarn online, but it turned out that I didn't have enough to finish the blanket, so I ordered more.
But the beige and light pinky colours turned out to be a couple of shades darker than the one I'd been using.
So, lesson number 1. "When ordering yarn for a project like this always order enough to finish it."
Now, I went on to finish the blanket anyway, the idea was to use the blanket on our sofa-bed when visitors come to stay the night, and that is what I used it for.
However, although no one ever noticed the difference in colour (at least they didn"t say anything) I could always see it myself so I did think about taking it apart one day.
So that is what I have done/I'm doing, I'm taking it apart and I'm using the beige, cream, and some of the light pinky colour yarn for this new blanket, making sure that the beige I use for this one is all the same shade.
And the other colours are odd bits left over from a rainbow blanket I made last year.
So I am really pleased, not only with the way it is turning out, but also because I am using up the yarn I already have.
The pattern/layout I am using for the flower blanket is the same as my second hexagon blanket here.
But I also plan to make a new hexagon shaped blanket for the sofa-bed, but then using the flower pattern instead of the hexagons.


  1. Dear Chris,

    now i am a follower of your Blog...can´t wait to see more of the great and wonderful blanket!
    Have a nice week and send you many Greetings,

  2. Looking fabulous and growing fast
    Hugs Suz x

  3. This is GORGEOUS!!!:)
    I don't suppose there's any way you'd consider making a tutorial/ posting the pattern for it? :)
    thanks !:)

  4. But the beige and light pinky colors ended up being a few colors deeper compared to one particular I might been using.
    Consequently, lessons number 1. "When purchasing wool for any venture this way often purchase enough in order to complete this.In .
    Today, My spouse and i continued to complete the actual blanket at any rate, the theory ended up being to make use of the blanket about the sofa-bed when site visitors arrived at continue to be the evening, that is certainly things i tried it with regard to.
    However, even though nobody actually discovered the main difference in shade (at least they will didn"t declare something) I can often view it myself and so i would think about taking this a part eventually.,beekeeping-and-honey-with-swtor-credits.html