Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Granny Goodness part 2

So, here is some more of my Granny Goodness.
I wrote in my last post about the fact that I was planning on making three large granny square blankets for three of my granddaughters.

This Picture is of Emily's blanket which I am working on at the moment.
It's got a dark pink middle and other light pinks.
I'm now working on the cream coloured bit of the blanket.
It's over half way finished now, so coming along nicely.

This is Megan's blue blanket.
Now, this one isn't quite finished because I still have to decided on the edging and the colour of the edging.
But a part from that it is finished.

And this is the start of Katie's blanket with the light pink middle.
The reason I've started on this blanket already is because I took it to work with me the other day.
I didn't want to take Emily's blanket with me because it is getting quite big, so I started on kate's one.
I will of course take photo's of the whole blankets when they are finished but I don't want them to see them fully just yet.


  1. They're beautiful and the colours are lovely.

  2. Love all the blues and especially the pinks. Lucky recipients of the blankets

  3. I love Granny's...they are so easy to do and yet so creative. Colours are very lovely.