Sunday, 12 June 2011

Granny Goodness

It was Wednesday 1st June when I had my oldest daughter on the phone.
She told me that she was going to be wallpapering her daughters bedrooms that weekend.
So I thought to my self, now is the time to make the girls the Large Granny Square Blankets I'd been wanting to make for them.
So when I got off the phone I started on my oldest granddaughters one.
She is very into light blue, so this is a close up of it.
I can't post any photos of the whole thing yet because I don't want her to see it yet.
And get this!!! It's nearly finished!!!
I've had so much fun making it because it is something you can just pick up and work on without having to think much or count stitches.
It will be finished this evening maybe, or otherwise tomorrow, which means I finished it within two weeks!!!
But I am going to be making two more because my daughter has three daughters.
I am so pleased because it means that I'll be getting rid of loads of my stash yarn.
So lots more Granny Goodness to come!!!!

P.S. This means that I've put my Granny Log Cabin on hold for a while.

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  1. Then you gonna have a lot of crocheting....have fun with it !!!!!


    Marjo's Cosy Corner