Thursday, 18 August 2011

Getting into Zinc

I have been visiting a lot of Scandinavian blog online lately.
And I must say I love their style.
What I am really getting into is Zinc, they seem to have loads of it in their homes and gardens.
Well I've had this set of zinc flower pots on a zinc tray for ages.
They were in a corner of the garden, so I got them out and gave them a clean.
I now want to get some little plants to put in them.
I'm not sure anymore just how long I've had these, but it's well over 15 years.
And then I was in a shop a couple of days ago and I came acrossed these.

Well I fell in love with them at once, and was really pleased when I saw they were half price.
They cost me just under 2 euros 50.
I now have a whole wish list of zinc stuff I want.
But the no 1 thing I want in time for Christmas is a zinc house that you can put candles in.
Take a look at these ones here.

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