Friday, 26 August 2011

My Vintage Crochet Book Find

We have a local charity shop in the town where we live here in Holland.
Now, we visit this shop at least once a month just to have a look around.
And I must say I have often found the odd thing or two there.
The first thing I do when we get to the shop is to look at the books, which all cost just 1 euro.
What I'm really hoping to find is a crochet book, but there never seem to be any.
Until yesterday that is.
And here it is, a real vintage crochet book from the 70's!!

The book is in Dutch of course, but it was translated from English it says on the inside cover, in 1972.
Anyway there are some great patterns in it, 77 altogether.
The colours are somewhat dated in most of them, but I'm trying to think beyond that.

I love this baby pram cover.                                         And this cute little dress.

And this could look lovely made up in todays colours.

These pot holders in todays colours would look great. And this rag mat and pillows would too.

And what about these then. A simple square patterned blanket, and on the right a wall covering.
The wall covering is like a small crochted blanket and the crocheted flowers are added to it.
Very colourful, and very 70's, I for one had never thought of crocheting something to put on the wall.

I love the simple patterns of these mats.

And all of these, get the nice chunky looking ripple in the right hand corner.

Now isn't this cute, just a three round granny square using bright colours for the middles and black for the last round.
I always wanted to make a blanket like this, it's a classic!!! so may be now I will.
It's a great way of using up stash yarn.

And now do you want to have a laugh!!!!
Well I had to laugh when I first saw this nexted picture.
Even back then I can't imagine a man wearing these.
Poor, poor man, did he ever live it down!!!!!

Now, with a few adjustments to colour and style they might work.
But not for men, at least not my type of man.
Be honest could you really see Colin Firth or Jude Law wearing these?
The mind boggles!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!
Love Chris


  1. I imagine he is saying to the horse, "Yes, I know I look ridiculous, but at least I'm getting paid with more than hay and oats!" I do remember a few young men wearing platform shoes and jumpsuits in the early 70's, so it's possible some man, somewhere, actually did wear these garments, even outside of a photo shoot! lol

    LOVE #50. Just started on a flower garden granny myself!

  2. What an entertaining book! A great find. Some laughs and some patterns you could actually use. Thanks for sharing.
    Caz :)

  3. Great book find...glad you like the Star...
    Quick to make aren't they? What colours did you use?
    Hugs Suz x

  4. This is definitely a great find. Love old knitting books and magazines. have some my grandmother gave me a few years ago and have also found some great ones on eBay.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!