Friday, 4 January 2013

First Real Post of 2013

It's something I do at the end of the year, that is look back and review the old one.
Well, I was going to go off on a negative note about how I've hardly finished anything in 2012.
And that I haven't blogged much.
But then I thought, " come on Chris not so negative it's a new year with new possibilities right?"
So, firstly I'm going to take a look at the things I did finish.

The Things I did Finish

Two blankets!!!
No need to be negative is there.
Although 2012 was the year where starting a project seemed more interesting than finishing it.

I have five projects on going at this moment!!!
But more about them in the coming days.
2013 will be the year I finish them!!!

Love & A Happy New Year to you all!!!

Chris Xx


  1. Well, both of your projects were big and beautiful -- it would probably take me longer than a year. I lose interest in big projects pretty fast, so tend to stick with much smaller ones that I know I can finish fairly quickly. Happy New Year! Tammy

  2. Que colchas más bonitas.

  3. Oh my....I love grey. Those two tops ones are so lovely!