Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Projects I Started In 2012 and Want To Finish In 2013 Part 2

2. Five Round Granny Square Blanket

This is going to be a very colourful granny squared blanket joined with black.
The black will be the 5th round.
So as you can see in the centre of the photo I did one square with the black to try it out.
I'm using up loads of my odd bits of leftover yarn for this one.
Chris Xx


  1. the colours really pop with the black, this will look great.

  2. I looove the classic scrap granny afghan with black edgings! My mom made one for me back in the 70's and I displayed it over my Bright Orange bedspread during college. :-)

  3. Nice! The classic granny. My youngest received a similar blankie, but edged in dark dark navy from his great-grandmother.
    Yours will look beautiful.