Monday, 14 January 2013

Projects I Started In 2012 and Want To Finish In 2013 Part 4

I still haven't finished my multi-coloured Japanese Flower blanket yet.
Somewhere in October I just put down my hook and I couldn't seem to get back into it again.
There is not so far to go really I'll be getting back to it soon.
2013 is going to be a great crochet year!! Finishing old projects and planning new ones.
Well, to be honest I already have a couple planned already.
Chris Xx 


  1. I love your flower blanket! Gorgeous! :) I also have a ton of unfinished projects and ones ready to start. ha.

    Thanks for your visit today!

  2. this is so pretty!
    i love that you did all these posts (project i started and want to finish...) i totally want to rip off your idea! i was just thinking this weekend I have all the WIPS that i've "forgotten" about and I really need to finish them.

    Thanks for sharing! New Follower! i can't wait to see your completed projects. all of them look fabulous already!

    trish @ tales from ...