Saturday, 6 March 2010


I have been truly inspired.

Yesterday I found a blog that really inspired me.

And not only the crochet that is on the blog but the colours.
And when I say the colours then I don't just mean the colours of the crochet.
But all the colours of all the stuff on this blog, and the style of this wonderful lady.
The blog is call, "and so I whisper" and the link is on my Great Blogs list.
I went all through this site twice yesterday it is wonderful, made me feel all fuzzy and warm.

Great stuff


  1. Thank you so much Chris for your lovely comments and words!!! Your blog looks so nice!!!! I love your granny squares and the colors you use. thank you for the mention. If you don't mind I would like to post about your blog and also put a picture, one that you allow me :-)))

  2. Hi Anabel

    Thanks so much for your reaction.
    The posts on this blog from 11th March all have photos of my own work.
    The other photos I got online.
    The photo that I had on my header was also a photo I found online.
    So I have change it now for one of my own.
    I started this blog just last week so I hadn't gotten around to making my own stuff to take photos of, but now it is coming a long nicely I think.
    You may use any of the photos that I took myself.
    I want to get work with a camara too so that I can take lots more photos and post them onto the blog.
    I really love your photos on your blog.
    You truly hve an art of making simple things look amazing, just by the way you photograth them.
    You are such an inspiration.

    warm wishes