Thursday, 4 March 2010

Surfing The Net

Back in the days when I did a lot of crochet there was no internet (now that's showing my age LOL).
So I'm loving all this crochet stuff that is on the net.
I found loads of wonderful crochet blogs, some of which I am adding to my list of blogs.
They are so inspiring.
And I am getting enough ideas and inspiration from the net.
What I really love are the crochet star pattern that are about.
I found this picture of them that I love while surfing yesterday evening.
There was no pattern for these but I think I can figure it out.
Roll on Christmas, or should I say November because that is when I'll be making these.
So I've got loads of time to think about yarn and stuff.

I love em!!!!!
I'm truly getting hooked again

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