Sunday, 21 March 2010

I've been doing loads!!!!

I have been doing a lot since my last post.
First off about my granny square blanket, the one I was making to put over my chair.
Well I thought I'd need 80 square in all, but after measuring up again I discovered that I'd only need 60 squares in all.
Because I want to make an edging too which would make it all hang on the floor if I did 80 squares.
So Friday I finished my last squares for the blanket.
So far I have joined three rows of 6 square together and I've joined the squares for rows 4 and 5 to form the 6 acrossed.
And I've even started to try out the edging around the three rows.
Today I plan to join rows 6 and 7 to form the 6 acrossed (there are 10 rows all together it is 6 by 10).
But tomorrow and Tuesday evening I will be working, so I can take it with me and do alot of joining together there.
Hopefully I'll have it finished Tuesday evening.
Althought the edging will take a while.
In the photo above you can see just how far I am and it is over the chair that will be it's home in future.

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